Terms and Conditions:

An Arranged Tour Contract enters into effect when Tokyoai has agreed to accept it and has received the payment in whole.


By the timing of the application, the customer must provide any information as required by Tokyoai by sending such information by e-mail or other means of communication.

Bookings will be completed when the payment is done in advance, by the date that Tokyoai has specified. The payment is the whole amount of the tour fee. In addition, Tokyoai may require travel fees such as fee for special express train tickets, etc.

A customer under 20 years of age, or the legal age of adulthood in their country, and traveling alone shall provide Tokyoai with written consent of his/her guardian.

●Tour fee

Transportation, food, drinks, any admission fees etc. are not included. The customer must provide these for the guide too. Travel insurance is not provided or included.

It is the customer's responsibility to meet us at the stipulated time in case we pre-book seats on trains, etc. If the customer is late meeting the guide and we miss the booked train Tokyoai will ask the customer to pay for the new train fare.


Tokyoai will charge a 50% cancellation fee after 3 days before, and 100 % on the day of the tour. The cancellation fee will be calculated based on the payment, which is the whole tour fee and the whole travel fee if it is pre-paid.

Tokyoai may, after conclusion of the Arranged Tour Contract, cancel or amend it for reasonable reasons such as natural calamity or disaster, weather conditions, suspension of services rendered by transport, or other circumstances with which Tokyoai believes it is impossible to continue the tour.


By booking a tour you are agreeing to the terms and conditions and are releasing Tokyoai and its employees, affiliates, and/or any other parties associate wherein from liability in regards to any and all personal injuries, illnesses, and, up to but not limited to, death. The customer is responsible for providing their own travel, health, life, and any other insurances as needed. Tokyoai does not provide any types of insurance or medical services.

The customer, and only the customer, is liable for any damages caused to any property/properties included in the tour if the customer is responsible for said damage by any action the aforementioned customer has taken. The customer may be required to compensate for the damages at the time of the incident or may be billed at a later date as the total cost of damages are evaluated.

●Personal information

Tokyoai uses personal information collected from customers as reasonably required to contact customers as well as to provide travel related services such as reservations of transportation and accommodations.

Please note that Tokyoai and/or any affiliated parties also may write about your tour, upload images and video onto our blog(s) or other media sites, such as Facebook etc. These media could have a future opportunity to be published as a book and, in that case, we will contact you by email to inform you. Tour pictures and accounts can be used in a promotional manner by Tokyoai and its affiliated parties in any manner deemed appropriate or useful.