There are three distinctive aspects of our tours:

1. Completely tailor-made for you

Tokyo is a big city and there are a lot of places to see. We offer full consultation services and create a plan for you based upon your interests and preferences. We are very proud of our knowledge and contacts regarding restaurants and shopping, such as hidden local izakaya (traditional Japanese snack bars unlike anything in the world) with no tourists at all as well as famous “must-see” spots like Sensoji Temple in Asakusa and Meiji Jingu Shrine in Harajuku. It’s all up to you!

2. Flexible and accommodating

Even after we make a plan, you still can change it on the day of the event if there isn’t anything which limits the date and time such as bookings for restaurants or tickets for museums which are previously bought. Tokyo is a great city to explore and you may have additional ideas after we create the plan. We will take them into account and change the plan in accordance with your wishes.

3. Last minute guide

There are not many private tour guide services and, therefore, the situation is very competitive. Many tourists are disappointed to discover that by the time they decided to visit Tokyo all the guides are fully booked. We only take reservations up to a maximum of 3 weeks ahead of time so that those “last minute travelers” can have opportunities to book our private tours.

Here is a sample tour plan for your reference:

We meet you at your hotel.
Go to Tsukiji Fish Market, one of the biggest fish markets in the world and most popular tourist destinations in Tokyo.
Eat a “sushi breakfast.” You can have an incredibly affordable and delicious breakfast at many restaurants in Tsukiji.
Visit at Asakusa Sensoji Temple, the most popular Buddhist temple in Tokyo. You also can buy traditional Japanese souvenirs along the Nakamise shopping street inside the temple.
Explore the Yanaka district, a very quiet and pretty town with an unbelievable amount of Buddhist temples. The streets, including the main shopping street Yanaka Ginza, are full of unique small vendors and restaurants and you can have a glimpse at the lives of real Japanese locals.
Walking the streets of Kagurazaka and have a late lunch. You will see narrow paved stone roads where Geisha girls sometimes walk during the evening hours. It is a very traditional town with a lot of options to eat excellent Japanese food.
Finish the tour at your hotel.
Alternatively we can finish the day’s tour at the last spot. We will provide some recommendations for a great dinner and other places to visit so that you can spend more time exploring on your own after the tour.